See Max Payne 3’s real life inspirations

The gritty world of Max Payne isn’t one that’s just dreamed up from Rockstar’s heads; it takes a lot of research to capture such striking environments.

But how do they do it? A post on the Rockstar Blog intends to show us, complete with comparison shots between the game and real life. For example, in creating the game’s anti-drug police unit, the Unidade de Forças Especiais (UFE), the team drew a lot of inspiration from real world teams like GATE (Grupo de Ações Táticas Especiais, or Special Actions and Tactics) and GARRA (Grupo Armado de Repressão a Roubos e Assaltos, or Robbery and Assault Repression).

It only gets more interesting when comparisons in the game’s setting are shown. It’s always cool to see how a developer translates the real world into a detailed and artistic game world. Rockstar promise more of these style posts are coming so make sure to check them out.