Silent Hill: Downpour offers separate difficulties for puzzles and combat

It’s actually a pretty clever move, when you think about it. A difficult puzzle – should it not be a gamer’s idea of fun – can really slow down the pace of a game, and vice versa should they prefer brain-ticklers. So the decision to offer separate difficulties for both combat and puzzles in Silent Hill: Downpour is a pretty nifty one.

Producer Tomm Hulett revealed the feature to Joystiq, saying: “A lot of people really like puzzles, and Silent Hill provides really cool puzzles, but they’re not good at fighting.

“So you can set fighting to easy, puzzles to hard, you’re good to go.”

On harder difficulties players won’t receive as many hints about how to solve puzzles. Putting up the difficulty will make players more independent, however, “You’re just supposed to realize, ‘Hey I have this item, I don’t need this for the other thing I’m doing, what does this mean?’ And then you’ll find the note, and figure out the sidequest for yourself,” Hulett said.

Completing sidequests will benefit players with better items, like ammo and weapons.

Personally we’ve always been a fan of a good ol’ Silent Hill puzzle, but, then again, we’re not all that good at them.

Downpour is expected for March, but Konami looks likely to update the release date soon.