Skyrim lag issues (PS3) addressed in upcoming update

I’m a white-bearded, blood-eyed, dragon-slaying medieval badass dressed in a magical hoodie with a killer instinct, carrying weapons bigger than myself and drenched in powers beyond comprehension, yet my worst enemies in Skyrim seem to be those damned, elusive rabbits! Although, putting things into perspective, I suppose my issues are nothing compared to the ones PlayStation 3 owners have been experiencing with Bethesda’s RPG from the very beginning.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as great as it may be, has its problems, particularly on the PS3 with reports coming from left and right describing the game to have extreme lag issues at times. While these were not fixed with patch 1.3, Bethesda gave a few tips on how to improve the game’s performance on the platform. Hopes of the 1.4 update fixing these (arguable) game-breakers rose high, and remain high as Twitter confirms the developer is addressing this particular problem in it.

The update will be made available sometime during this month. Let’s just hope the people involved can remain focused, as they have just received highly celebratory news that could eventually drive them into a binge of excessive happiness.