World of Goo hits a million downloads on Apple’s platforms

While still a far cry away from Rovio’s success with Angry Birds, indie developer 2D Boy’s critically acclaimed puzzler World of Goo has seen success of its own.

After 13 months of availability on Apple’s iOS platform, and later on the Mac App store, World of Goo has seen over 1 million downloads, a number that breaks down as follows: 29% (17% of revenues) were from the iPhone/iPod Touch version and 69% (79% percent of revenue) from the HD Universal edition with iPad support, while only 2% of downloads (4% of revenue) were the Mac App store version, which launched at a later date in June.

2D Boy also informed that the Android version, which launched in November last year, has seen 450,000 and 70,000 downloads, demo and full versions respectively.