EA’s Play4Free market grows to 25 million, celebrates with goodies

Looks like EA is seeing a lot of success with its Play4Free strategy; the company has announced that it just surpassed a total of 25 million users across its entire P4F library. That includes games like Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed World and Lords of Ultima.

A pat on the back for the publisher then, and some free giveaways for us.

Battlefield Heroes will want to redeem this code before January 17: EQ9M-TYYT-TXR3-5GU3. Doing so will net them 300 Battlefunds to purchase new weapons, vanity items and the rest.

Meanwhile, Need for Speed World players should snap up this code before the same time: EWPD-3KGA-VBVF-9HYS. That will grant 750 SpeedBoost, used for buying… oh all that in game stuff that you’d usually spend real money on.

It’s good to be free, it would seem.