More Alan Wake on XBLA? ‘If you want it, we’ll bring it,’ Remedy says

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare may not be the first and last Xbox Live Arcade-bound Alan Wake game. According to Remedy’s franchise development head Oskari Häkkinen, if fans like the downloadable, stand-alone approach, there’ll be more.

“If people like this, definitely we’ll do more,” Häkkinen said during a Spike CES demo of the title. “I hope we’re setting the bar for quality on XBLA here and, you know, let the fans decide. If they love this setting, if they want more Night Springs, we’ll bring it.”

For those not familiar with it, Night Springs is a TV show that Alan Wake penned several episodes for early in his career. American Nightmare follows one episode of that show, a set-up that should make it easy enough to jump from one self-contained story to another in future releases.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will launch on on February 17th as it kicks off this year’s XBLA Block party.