Publisher and retailers to unite over preowned market?

It’s a bit of a long shot but a resolution to the surrounding the issues of the preowned market may be in sight.

As an article on MCV suggests, publishers that are unhappy with making no money on second hand sales might ditch the controversial online pass program that’s so unpopular among consumers should retailers agree to handing over some of the profit made on the market.

Gordon Crawford from indie Gamespod told MCV: “As a retail store we would happily share part of the sale from a used game if we get something in return. Perhaps new games at better prices and no more online codes.”

Major retailer HMV followed up this statement: “We all know how the business model in the industry is changing. So if there is any merit in this idea then it may be worth looking into.”

Currently EA, Sony, THQ and others are all using the method to make some extra cash off of sales.

Not everyone’s confident in publishers’ willingness to go along with these plans though. “We’d definitely like to do this, but I don’t see it being something publishers would implement,” said Chris Muckell from Xpress Games. “With new releases dropping in price after just the second week, I’d have thought their investments would be better in making money from DLC.”

It certainly seems like a reasonable solution. Perhaps EA, as they led the charge with the online pass, can do the same here.