Rise of the Rakghouls – The Old Republic’s first update

Next week sees the release of the first of (what’s promised to be) many free updates for Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Rakghouls.

Hitting on Tuesday, January 17, update 1.1 features a new Flashpoint and a new Operation as well as a sweep of bug fixes and tweaks.

The Flashpoint, titled Kaon Under Siege, sees players fighting back a Rakghoul (a particularly nasty beast) outbreak on the titular planet. It’s available for level 50 characters only and features Normal and Heroic difficulty modes.

The Operation, Karagga’s Palace, pits players against the Karagga Hutt Cartel in an effort to stop prevent a new enemy entering the galactic war. No indication of a level cap for this one but there are Normal, Heroic and Nightmare difficulty modes available.

The developer have also revealed that the next update is due for March, and will come complete with Flashpoints, Operations, WarZones and new game systems.