Silent Hill has a busy March

Konami has slapped final dates on not one, not two but all three of its upcoming Silent Hill titles today, and they’re all on for this March.

First up is the HD update of both Silent Hill 2 and 3 that is the Silent Hill HD Collection. Those will release on March 6 in the US (EU dates for all titles TBC).

Following up the next week is the big one – Silent Hill: Downpour. This next full entry in the franchise hits the aforementioned consoles on March 13.

Finally the franchise goes out on a limb with Silent Hill: Book of Memories, exclusive to PS Vita. March 27 is the release date for that one.

The franchise hasn’t seen a really notable game since the original release of Silent Hill 3 (note the forth game’sĀ absenceĀ in the collection as proof). Let’s hope this triple bill proves more enticing than previous offers.