Witcher developer ceases pirate hunt

CD Project Red will no longer threaten legal against those who pirated The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, an open letter from co-founder Marcin Iwinski informs. Even though confident that no innocent has been penalized, the studio says it values its fans “too highly to take the chance that we might ever falsely accuse even one individual.”

Still, it’s made crystal clear that piracy is still a no-no: “It hurts us, the developers. It hurts the industry as a whole,” Iwinski writes. “Though we are staunch opponents of DRM because we don’t believe it has any effect on reducing piracy, we still do not condone copying games illegally.

“We’re doing our part to keep our relationship with you, our gaming audience, a positive one. We’ve heard your concerns, listened to your voices, and we’re responding to them. But you need to help us and do your part: don’t be indifferent to piracy. If you see a friend playing an illegal copy of a game – any game – tell your friend that they’re undermining the possible success of the developer who created the very game that they are enjoying.

“Unless you support the developers who make the games you play, unless you pay for those games, we won’t be able to produce new excellent titles for you.”

As reported in December, the studio was seeking over $1000 from each individual who had illegally downloaded the RPG.