$1 billion worth of digital goods later, EA celebrates

While many companies are starting — or already are — embracing what the digital market can do for them, it’d be a safe bet to say that very few of them can brag about their achievements on such a platform as much as EA can at this point. EA CEO John Riccitiello is undoubtedly among the happier campers at EA HQ.

“One year ago, we set a stretch goal to grow our digital business to $1 billion annually,” said Riccitiello. “I’m proud to say that we achieved that goal in Calendar Year 2011. Crossing the $1 billion threshold is an incredibly important milestone – congratulations!”

He also mentioned how EA left 2011 “as a very different company,” explaining that “we empowered our creative teams, strengthened our IP and made progress in building a digital platform for our games and services.”

In addition, the CEO informed that the company’s digital division, otherwise known as EA Interactive, has ceased to exist as a standalone and isolated entity. He elaborated that it would be merged with other divisions within EA, like core games and mobile among others.

Whatever comes out of that such unions remains to be seen, but the publisher wouldn’t do it if it didn’t have a plan. There’s always a plan!