Capcom hiring for “two new AAA titles,” including an “unannounced new IP”

Job listings. Not only do they do good to those who are actually qualified to respond to them, but they provide the rest of us hints of what’s to come. In this particular case, Capcom Games Vancouver, formerly known as Blue Castle Games, has posted a few of them, and we like what we read.

For instance, did you know that — while technically a rumor given the fact that the company itself hasn’t officially announced anything yet — Capcom is looking for a design director to work on a third-person, action/adventure “unannounced new IP?” Or artists to join “a multi-project and multi-IP developer?” Well, now you do.

If you’re thinking, “doesn’t that mean the studio might be working on more than one game,” you’d be right. In addition to the above, the second job listing also reads, “we have two new AAA titles currently in development. Contact us now to see what all the excitement is about!”

If anyone does that and lands the job, share the excitement with us. We’d owe you… a job, as you’d probably lose it due to unprofessional behavior and sharing confidential information you’re not supposed to divulge to people like us.