Microsoft responds to next-gen Xbox’s E3 announcement rumors

There have been many rumors floating around about a possible E3 2012 reveal of the new Xbox console, thanks to certain sources claiming that Microsoft has been telegraphing the move. Microsoft has now given a response to those rumors.

In a recent interview with Microsoft’s senior director of marketing and public relations, Jose Pinero, it was stated: “At the moment, we have nothing to announce.” Mr. Pinero thanks Kinect for the extended lifespan of the 360, saying: “Launching Kinect a little bit over a year ago, what we saw was a resurgence in the 360.” He goes on to mention the updated dashboard and UI is basically “like having a new console.”

He wraps up the interview by reiterating what Microsoft told us at 2011’s E3; “We want that box to be the ultimate entertainment device in your house, giving you games, movies, tv shows, music, sports, and all kinds of entertainment.”

There’s always the chance that Pinero could just be holding his cards close to his chest of course, aka doing his job. Either way, “I think there’s a lot more that we’ll see on Xbox 360,” he concludes.

With Sony ending speculation on a possible PS4 reveal at E3 2012, it seems like for Microsoft and Sony, even if the former does make an announcement at E3, this generation is going to last at least another year or two.