Rockstar San Diego hiring for new open-world title

Rockstar San Diego, the developer that brought us the critically (and Lawson-ly!) acclaimed Red Dead Redemption, and the perennial racing favorite Midnight Club, has listed a job opening for a new AI programmer. The post implies that there is some kind of new open-world title in the works over in San Diego.

The listing states that the candidate should be “Ready to help us create the best open world experiences.” It also puts an emphasis on “pathfinding, combat, and decision-making.” The combat part of that sentence seems to take a new Midnight Club out of the race.

Now, I don’t want to jump the shark here. This still qualifies as “rumor”, seeing as how nothing has been officially announced. But it’s certainly enough to allow my mind to make rampant speculations: If it’s not a new Red Dead title, it sounds like a new IP altogether. And I’ll take either of the two. In my head, of course. Nothing’s official.