Capcom pulling Resident Evil 6 viral?

A website by the name of No Hope Left appeared on the internet this week, seemingly running a viral campaign that shows the aforementioned phrase graffitied onto walls in several locations around the world.

There’s no concrete evidence that this is even linked to videogames in general, but the appearance of the Biohazard symbol, seen primarily on the o’s of the phrase, has us hoping that this is a tease for Resident Evil 6. Biohazard is of course the name of the franchise in Japan.

The website itself can’t be directly linked to Capcom, but members of the NeoGAF forums managed to track its IP address to Surrey in the UK. Interestingly enough, that’s the same address for Capcom’s viral website for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City found here. Both sites are registered under “WEBFUSION.LTD”, so there could well be a link.

Note the date on a lot of these images seems to suggest more info tomorrow. Resident Evil 6 has been long-rumored but never once confirmed by Capcom itself. We’ll keep our eyes peeled, then.