Resident Evil 6 confirmed, coming November

At long, long last, Capcom has announced Resident Evil 6, and oh my is it sounding good.

Okay, important stuff, the game does indeed take place in China, ten years after the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3. So far classic heroes Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield have been confirmed as a playable characters, as well as a new character that’s seemingly in it for the money. The over-the-shoulder camera from recent titles is staying put and, judging by the first trailer, it’s still very much an action-orientated experience. Oh, and it would seem that the zombies are finally back. Awesome.

Better yet, we won’t have to wait all that long to get it; the game releases on November 20 for PS3 and 360. A PC release is confirmed for after that date.

No word on details like co-op just yet but they’re bound to follow. For now, a piece of pre-rendered imagery awaits in the gallery here.