Rumored next-gen Call of Duty in the works

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward seems to be the next in line to fuel the fire of the rumored next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. And to be honest, it was only a matter of time before this came out in the open.

According to reports, and job listings, the developer is looking for a senior animator with “an interest in working with next-generation technologies.” Unfortunately, that is the extent of the requisition. Any details went unmentioned but it would be a safe bet to say that the game in question probably is a new Call of Duty.

According to another job listing posted back in October last year, Treyarch is hunting for a senior software engineer to work on “our hugely successful game to a new console.” While Call of Duty wasn’t specifically mentioned, we wouldn’t call James Bond: Quantum of Solace and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows “hugely successful.”

If logic serves us right, this would all make sense. While a number of developers have been attached to the Call of Duty name, Treyarch and Infinity Ward have always been the bigger ones. With Treyarch commonly being labeled as the B team — arguably undeservedly so considering certain statistics — and the rumor that this year’s Call of Duty marks the return of Black Ops, and therefore Treyarch, all of the above would fit the timeline as well. In addition, Activision would probably, and speculatively, want Infinity Ward to kick off the next generation of gaming, Modern Warfare-style.