Zynga grabbed four mobile developers in 2011

Zynga, the Facebook game gurus, have disclosed the fact that they acquired four mobile developers in the second half of 2011. The company’s chief mobile officer, David Ko, told the names of the companies, but wouldn’t discuss the amount paid for each.

In August 2011, Zynga purchased both HipLogic and Astro Ape Studios, who developed the games Monsterz Revenge and Office Heroes. A month later, they acquired Page44 Studios, who brought the amazing World of Goo to the iOS realm. Finally, they snagged Gamedoctors, developer of Zombiesmash.

These acquisitions, and getting EA’s top social executive, are definitely going to help Zynga move into the mobile world. And it could use a bit of help, it seems; their latest releases haven’t been doing as well as expected. Hidden Chronicles has had a small fraction of the daily active users that other Zynga games have had. Expect to see the company start pushing their mobile games much harder in the near future.