BioWare played with, dropped Mass Effect motion controls

Last E3 we got a taste of Mass Effect 3 running on Xbox 360 with full Kinect support. But rather than flailing arms about to control Shepard the team at BioWare instead choose to use voice commands to order squads about and choose dialogue for our hero.

But there was a time that the team was playing around with true motion control. However BioWare dropped it after deciding it was more of a “barrier” for players then helpful.

General manager Aaryn Flynn explained as much to VentureBeat, stating: “We looked into it. But unfortunately, it has a lot more technological requirements. We also weren’t sure the gestures fit in with the authentic experience. The good news is voice worked out very well.

“The technology was a barrier there so we discounted it pretty early.”

It would have been interesting to see how the game would work without a controller. But we’ll happily settle for the classic experience when Mass Effect 3 launches in March.