New Resident Evil 6 details are here

Coming off the back of yesterday’s Resident Evil 6 announcement, new details on the game have been revealed.

Capcom today hosted a 15th Anniversary show for the franchise in Japan, which has given us a bit more info on the latest entry.

Both Leon and Chris’ stories will take place at the same time, on the ten year anniversary of the Raccoon City incident. Leon is joined by¬†US government agent Helena Harper, a series newbie.

Meanwhile, the third story starring a new character is being purposefully shrouded in mystery. We don’t know anything about the new character other than that he seems to be putting his blood, which could be key to the outbreak, up for ransom. He has a partner that looks and sounds remarkably like Resident Evil 4‘s Ashley, which would make sense, given that her father, the president, is seemingly shot down at the start of yesterday’s trailer.

It’s been also promised that, while looking action-oriented, Resident Evil 6 would place horror back in the franchise. It’s also said to be the largest scale a Resident Evil game has yet seen.

Resident Evil 6 launches this November on PS3 and 360. A PC version is coming later down the line.