Online Pass will be required for Twisted Metal

Looks like even Sweet Tooth can’t avoid an online pass these days. Thanks to a QA lead, we now know that Twisted Metal will require an online pass to access the online multiplayer, despite the game’s creator, David Jaffe, being firmly against it.

Like all other games who suffer this dread fate, if you buy a used copy, that means you have to pay an extra $10 to get in on the multiplayer. And in a game which revels in blowing apart your friend’s death machine and hearing their screams of frustration, multiplayer is an essential element. So either buy the game new, or add an extra $10 to the used price, because you’re gonna want to get online with this game.

I understand a company’s reasoning behind online passes; that being said, I have a horrible distaste for them. I don’t like being penalized for buying a used game. It seems as if the publishers and retailers could come to a much better agreement, and not pass the frustration on to the consumer. But I’m still looking forward to the return of Twisted Metal, online pass or no.