360 exclusives to favor “quality” over quantity – Microsoft

It’s fair to say that the sheer number of PS3 exclusives last year dwarfed that of the 360’s, but highly-rated games like Gears of War 3 and Forza Motorsport 4 meant that gamers weren’t starved for quality.

And that’s the point, says Microsoft Studios exec Phil Spencer, who told GameInformer (via) that 360 exclusives need to favor “quality and impact” over the “number of releases in a year.”

But it’s no easy task to come up with new games that have this impact, as Spencer explained: “Creating core IP, as many first-and third-parties have seen over the years, isn’t an easy thing. I went through the process of creating Gears with Epic and I know the sweat, time, and effort that went into it.”

He also promised that unannounced partnerships with other developers are currently in the works, much like Crytek’s 360-exclusive Ryse. “So it will continue to be something that we focus on with new partners like Crytek and new people that aren’t announced yet,” Spencer added. “We do think that it’s fundamental that core gamers look at 360 as the place they want to play games.”

And what of Sony’s recent efforts? “They’ve done a great job at selling old franchises with HD remakes,” Spencer joked.

He’s right, though not quite as good as job as MS did with the Halo remake, ey Spence?