Jaffe on Twisted Metal demo, post-launch updates

Twisted Metal is to have a demo, creator David Jaffe has revealed in a video blog (via). No dates yet but Eat Sleep Play is apparently almost done with and hopes to wrap it up early this week.

There”s also going to be a day-one update for the game, though  “a very, very, very small” one.

“There are a couple of bugs – we don’t want to release it buggy,” Jaffe said. “But we’re also doing it for some real final tuning and balance.”

He further explains: “Once you go gold, you have a couple of weeks to really play the game, and me and the QA guys we’re just like ‘you know, this seems a little unbalanced. It would be really cool if this weapon did a little less damage.’ It takes a lot of time to suss those things out.”

Don’t get him wrong now, the man still hates patches as he’s made quite clear in the past. “But that said – they’re important in some cases.” And there may be more down the road, given the game sells enough copies.

“If the game is successful enough we’d love to do future tweaks and adjustments to the game, and some of those hopefully will be level-based,” Jaffe said.

“If we ever touch Twisted Metal again, it’ll be either that it’s successful enough that there’s a big enough community that says ‘hey, we’d really like to get some of these in via patch’, or there are some really heinous bugs.”

Twisted Metal hits the shelves next month, the 14th in the US and  17th in Europe.