Criterion’s next to be shared “over the coming months”

Racing fans all over the world are surely, and eagerly, awaiting news of what UK-based Criterion’s upcoming project might be. Creative director Craig Sullivan just recently fueled that fire with a tweet which might have made the wait even harder.

“Got lots to share over the coming months…. going to be BIG.”

“Lots to share,” is good, and so is “BIG.” With a yearly release of Need for Speed games, the 2012 version of which is yet to be announced, it wouldn’t seem all that out of place if the studio was working on a follow up to the award-winning Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, also known as the one NFS title that single-handedly brought the franchise back to its place of glory. This has been wildly rumored already, but not yet confirmed by neither the developer itself or publisher EA.

Should an eventual Hot Pursuit 2 not be Criterion’s next, a new iteration in the Burnout series could be a possible alternative, especially when you consider certain job listings which include words such as “intense car action sequences,” “terrifying jumps,” “insane crashes and epic car chases,” and “visceral, brutal car action.”

Either way, it’s a win-win situation, but which one would you prefer? A new Hot Pursuit, or the next Burnout?