R18+ rating to be introduced to Australian parliament in two weeks

Australia’s woes over game censorship thanks to lack of proper ratings may soon be put to rest — the R18+ rating bill is to be presented to parliament in just two weeks. Said bill will allow for games to be rated higher, cutting down on content cuts and outright bannings.

However Gamespot reports that, while the introduction is imminent, it may take some time for the bill to be passed, if it’s even passed at all.

A spokesperson for Federal Minister for Home Affairs, Jason Clare, stated: “Our plans are to introduce the R18+ bill in the first session of parliament this year. If it passes the Lower House, it will then go to the Senate for the same process.”

When this thing passes over we’d like a week-long Left 4 Dead 2 session with our Aussie friends, followed up by a months worth of Mortal Kombat before we leave them be to play Fallout 3.