Visceral Games working on new IP

Visceral Games, the developers who brought us the marvelous Dead Space series, seems to be working on a new IP, if their new job posting is to be believed.

This job is for a “lead multiplayer designer to help create a thrilling online action shooter game.” This game is apparently a “bold new franchise which is a cornerstone for a new EA Games Studio.” Unfortunately, there are no other details about what this “bold new franchise” is, so we’re left to wonder for the time being, which Visceral has been fond of letting us do lately.

There have been many rumors bouncing about that they are currently hard at work on Dead Space 3, which supposedly takes place on an ice planet (Hoth, anybody?). Of course, Visceral is keeping tight-lipped on all rumors, leaving us to flounder aimlessly in our imagination.

Hopefully, whatever this new online shooter is, it does the “online” part better than Dead Space 2. That was just a debacle.