Agent 47 to host a Sniper Challenge?

Agent 47’s long vacation is clearly over; the assassin is currently gearing up for his return to gaming with Hitman: Absolution, and a second title is currently in the works from a new team at Eidos Montreal, possibly named Hitman: Profession.

But it seems like he’s not stopping there. Siliconera has found a Square Enix Europe trademark for something named Hitman: Sniper Challenge. Now it’s possible that this is the game from the team in Montreal, though the Sniper Challenge subtitle doesn’t exactly give off the ‘premium quality’ impression that Enix said that game would deliver.

Much more likely is that this is a small iOS release or something along those lines. Either that or it’s a real challenge where Square Enix offers up rifles to hundreds of Hitman fans and gives each a high-profile target from a rival publisher.

It’s probably not that, though.