Minecraft Lego coming soon

The news from the Minecraft world just keeps getting better. Minecraft LEGO is officially on its way!

Initially submitted through CUUSOO, a platform where LEGO fans can share their ideas for new sets with the company, Minecraft LEGO was sent to the LEGO review, where “a LEGO jury evaluates the idea’s feasibility as a product and makes a decision.” This sounds terrifying. I imagine a lot of people with perfectly cylindrical heads questioning you incessantly in a completely white room. Regardless, Minecraft LEGO passed the review and is currently in the early development stages.

Honestly, this seems like a natural fit; Minecraft is a game about building whatever you want with digital blocks, while LEGO is the exact same thing, except with actual blocks. I am quite curious as to how they will make these LEGO sets stand out from the rest.