Paradox voices off on DRM’s uselessness

Another publisher has joined the anti-DRM ranks. Paradox Interactive — who can be found among the companies who’ll be offering their wares on EA’s Origin service — says the anti-piracy method doesn’t make sense, is a hassle for the legitimate customer and creates extra work for the company deploying it.

“I’m so surprised that people still use DRM. We haven’t done that for seven or eight years, and the reason is that it doesn’t make sense,” CEO Fred Wester has told Gamespy.

“No one should have to purchase a product that they’re unable to install because of the DRM. People who purchase a game should have just as easy a time as those who pirate the game, otherwise it’s a negative incentive to buy a legal copy.”

“I see no reasonable explanation for why people keep on adding it,” he added, and singled out Ubisoft’s highly controversial always-connected approach: “Especially the kind where you have to be online all the time, like Ubisoft. I think that’s, to me that’s 2003. ”

Wester also finds it a “waste of money,” saying it will keep the company protected for only a few days but creates “a lot of technical support, and it will not increase sales.”

“And I know this for a fact, because we tried it eight years ago, and it never worked for us.”