Hitman: Absolution’s hardcore mode goes beyond decreased health

Eidos’ return to the Hitman series with this year’s Absolution has been welcomed warmly by most. But there are the hardest of the hardcore who are, to put it kindly, more cautious with their seal of approval, given revealed gameplay additions such as Instinct, which allows Agent 47 to see enemy positions through walls along with their paths.

To cater to just such players, developer IO Interactive is including a hardcore mode in the game, one it turns out they’re continually adjusting.

“We’re still tinkering with the specifics of what the hardcore mode will entail, to ensure that it’s right for those people that want to invest a lot of time in it,” says game director Tore Blystad. “We’re looking at what interesting elements make a game more difficult, rather than just docking the player’s health and making the NPCs shoot faster and harder.”

No impossibly accurate thugs then, fingers crossed.

Blystad gives a few examples: “So, the NPCs spot you faster, they’re more alert and have a longer memory. Plus, the way the NPCs populate a level will change, meaning that containing a situation that starts to turn bad will be a lot more difficult.”

The hardcore mode has previously been said to reward stealthy play styles; be prepared to pacify, not kill enemies, remain undetected and solve challenges in a smarter way to get those more rewarding cheevos/trophies.