Next Xbox has Blu-ray, will not play used games — rumor

The next-gen rumors just will not end this week. Next to one source saying that the successor to Xbox 360 would have six times the visual oomph of its predecessor and another saying Nintendo’s Wii U would pack twice the punch of the 360, yet another source has spoken up, once more focusing on the next Microsoft machine.

According to a Kotaku deep throat, the next Xbox will jump aboard the Blu-ray train and will in some form combat the used games market by not playing used games. That last bit of information should be consumed with a large grain of salt, then, as retailers — who Microsoft depends on to sell its console — would likely go bananas over such a move. Gamers looking to pick up titles on the cheap would be quite annoyed as well, I’m sure. A move like that would also likely signal the end of borrowing games to and from friends — another no-no.

The report additionally says that Microsoft intends to use the new console to introduce the next Kinect device, something first heard of last year.

When contacted, Microsoft offered up the usual party line: ‘ no comment on rumor and speculation’.