Competition / Insert Coin t-shirt of your choice

You know, the worlds of video gaming and fashion don’t seem like a perfect match. And it’s true in most cases (such as my long-haired self sitting here writing this in a Batman t-shirt covered in ketchup stains and trousers that should have been washed weeks ago).

But there are those that have mastered the art of looking good while reveling in our nerdy hobby, like the guys over at Insert Coin. For the past few years they’ve been selling stylish t-shirts and hoodies based off our favorite gaming franchises. Want to look like you survived a shift on the USG Ishimura, or played a vital role in the Helghen army without sweating under a cosplay outfit? These are your guys.

We’ve teamed up with the site to offer one winner one of those fancy t-shirts. Which one? Take your pick; you can choose from any of the t-shirts found in their catalog.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is head to Twitter, and retweet this message. Simple, eh?

Just make sure not to get any ketchup down it; the stains are a bitch to get out.