Ace Attorney 5 announced, iOS release for originals

It’s the Ace Attorney series’ tenth anniversary, who knew?

So let’s celebrate with some exciting news; Capcom has announced Ace Attorney 5. And, well, that’s about all we know, as the publisher didn’t announced platform, dates, or even if Phoenix Wright would return as the central character, having sat the fourth game out.

Also coming is a HD bundle of the first three games for iOS. That includes Phoenix Wright, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations, all of which will get a HD makeover on iPhone 4 and iPad 2.The first two chapters in the series will come for free but then players will have to shell out for additional chapter packs at 600 yen or the full set for 1200 yen. Those that already have the original game on iOS will even be able to take their save file to the new bundle.

It’s a good time for Ace Attorney fans, then, especially considering that Wright will also be starring in 3DS spin-off Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.