Epic Games comments on next-gen Xbox

With the next-gen Xbox rumor mill spinning wildly, Epic Games, developer of the successful Gears of War series and creator of the Unreal Engine shared their thoughts on the next generation of console gaming.

The company’s founder, Tim Sweeney spoke to VentureBeat about their investment in its engine and future console technology.

“With every console transition, people ask if there will be another console transition or another successful console platform. We are betting big that there will be. If you look at games like Call of Duty and Gears of War, it’s clear that console is the pinnacle of the gaming experience. So we are investing heavily with our engine and game development efforts for the next generation of console technology and games. But at the same time, we actually see this wonderful thing happening where the mobile platform and web platforms are getting to the point where they can run a AAA game. One consistent game engine technology can run across console, PC, mobile and web games. We’re really happy with that position. It lets game developers target lots of different platforms. We have shipped Infinity Blade of iOS. We have announced a new game Fortnite for an entirely different audience, more casual. It appeals to a wider audience than a hard-core game like Gears of War. We are branching out, but we tie it all together with AAA production values.”

Sweeney also spoke of the longevity of consoles and the uncertainty of new hardware:

“The longevity of this console generation has been a mixed blessing. On the game side, it’s been really great for our business. With each new title, there is a bigger and bigger Xbox 360 installed base of users, so the games can sell more. On the other hand, it gets harder to generate the same excitement from the same hardware. That is when the new hardware is justified. But then you reset the installed base to zero and it’s a lot harder to sell a lot of games again. So you should only replace the hardware when you can make a dramatic leap in quality, not just 2X or 3X. It has to be huge and fundamentally new.”

You can find the full interview with Tim Sweeney here.