Microsoft to expand Kinect technology to laptops?

With Microsoft adapting its Kinect technology to work with Windows based desktop PCs, a new report from The Daily suggests that Kinect could soon be built into laptops as well.

The article claims that two prototypes, running on ASUS based laptops using a build of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, are in development with two Kinect sensors at the top of the screen. The story also states that an unnamed source has confirmed that these laptops are officially sanctioned by Microsoft.

Uses for this feature could include navigating the Windows 8 tile layout using your hands and enabling laptops to play Kinect based games. It’s unlikely that Microsoft will be manufacturing these laptops themselves, they are more likely to just license the technology to laptop manufacturers.

The first Kinect add-on units for Windows based desktop PCs will go on sale this Wednesday, February 1st.