New IP taking root at 2K Marin

Next to taking its sweet time with XCOM‘s first-person shooter outing — now a 2013 title — 2K Marin is also chipping away on something else, an entirely new property.

One of the studio’s founders and the lead artist/level architect on the BioShock series, J.R. Hogarth de la Plante, has been found to list an unannounced title on his resume (*.pdf, via).

Details on the new project are lacking, but it is said to be a new intellectual property that four other directors are involved in.

In his own words: “I’m currently an Art Director on a 5-person director team responsible for defining a new IP for 2K Games based out of the 2K Marin development studio. I have been creating high-level art direction documentation, executive-level summaries, technical documents related to middleware engine evaluation, managing external concept artists, and building world prototypes for performance/creative evaluation.”

This one’s ways off then.