Trials Evolution suffers early leak

Upcoming XBLA title Trials Evolution finds itself at the mercy of an early leak, Eurogamer reports.

The game appeared on file-sharing websites last night and quickly populated Youtube with videos proving that the game was out in the open. Publisher Ubisoft has acted fast to take down these videos.

Here’s how developer RedLynx, via their forums has responded:

“Unfortunately there has been some unofficial information coming out ahead of the development process. We assure you we are aware of these and will be tackling the issue with our partners.

“Here is an important thing for you to know: the leaked version does not have any online functionality, which is crucial to the Trials experience. Lead boards, friend challenges, online multiplayer and global track sharing are all fundamental features of the game which cannot be fully experience ahead of launch. Even single player uses an asynchronous multiplayer feature in a new way. Without these core online features, the game cannot be experience properly before launch.

“We’re continuing to polish and finish up the game, and we’ll have a new trailer coming soon which will give people a much better look into everything the game will hold and when they can expect to see it.”

A real release date for the full game is yet to be announced.