Free DLC for Risen 2: Dark Waters pre-orders

Risen 2: Dark Waters is dishing out free DLC for all who dare pre-order the RPG before its launch this April. Treasure Isle it’s called, and it’ll send players on the hunt for Captain Steelbeard’s treasure.

“The story of the DLC revolves around Harlok, a cook on Steelbeard’s ship Elenor, who stole the secret clues that lead to the pirate captain’s hidden treasure,” the official word says. “However it is only with the help of the player that Harlok is able to find it.” Groovy.

The DLC will expand the game’s world, bring new puzzles, loot etc., along with a legendary item that boosts the player’s stats permanently.

Five new screenshots are out and about as well. Catch them in the gallery here.