Mortal Kombat dev wants to branch out in 2012

NetherRealm? Oh yeah, the Mortal Kombat guys.

Well, we may not be able to refer to the studio in that fashion much longer. In an interview with GameSpot, creative director Ed Boon revealed the company’s desire to diversify this year, something we saw a short while ago with Batman: Arkham City Lockdown for iOS and will continue to see.

“With our studio, we really want to diversify ourselves, and work on multiple formats, multiple types of games, not just Mortal Kombat games,” Boon said.

So, no more MK? “I would be surprised if Warner Bros. and us never released another Mortal Kombat game again,” he continued. “We don’t have a title to announce, but if this last one sold over 3 million and counting, there’s a certain amount of assumption that we’d consider doing another Mortal Kombat game.

“But at the same time, we want our studio to do more than just make Mortal Kombat games. We love making them but we also want to do different types of games. Different genres, different IPs. The Batman iOS game was kind of like us dipping our foot into that whole different types of games to do. We’re going to continue in that direction, but I would be surprised if we never did another Mortal Kombat game again.”

The site fired off one last question, asking if it was NetherRealm’s aim to diversify in 2012. Boon replied: “Oh yes, without a doubt.”

The studio has the PS Vita edition of Mortal Kombat launch soon, what else could they have up their bloody sleeves?