Crytek supporting new online gaming service

GFACE. It’s not the most attractive name, but it could be a great new online gaming service.

This new broswer-based app offers some unique features that raise an eyebrow. It has nice social aspects like embedded video chat and drag-and-drop friend invites, and it’s backed by tech-heavy developer Crytek to inject a little confidence into the brand.

But unlike Steam, Origin and everything else, GFACE doesn’t launch games you want to play off of your PC, it streams them off of the site. This means that players can simultaneously play on mobile devices as well as PC, much like with OnLive.

According to Crytek the service could even grow into something more than gaming, perhaps even coming to resemble the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

The service is currently in closed beta. No word on when it will come out of that and open up to the public.