EA actually says something nice about Call of Duty

With the Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 war cooling down (though still sparring off in the UK charts), it looks like the time has come for CEO John Riccitiello to actually say something, like, nice about the franchise and Activision.

And he did as much during a recent investors call (via IndustryGamers). Speaking of (though not directly referring to) Call of Duty‘s Elite service that also launched this year, Riccitiello said: “Frankly, I give a compliment to one of our competitors, who’s got a subscription on the back end of an FPS title. I think that’s a best-in-class performance.”

It seems like this could definitely lead to a similar service on the EA front. Battlefield 3‘s Battlelog was completely free, but perhaps a paid-for incarnation will come along with the next entry in the franchise?