Skyrim Creation Kit and Workshop shown off

Skyrim is an amazingly huge game, and it’s soon to get a bit bigger; at least for the PC gamers. Bethesda is soon to release the Skyrim Creation Kit, which contains the same tools the developers used to make the game, and the Skyrim Workshop, which will allow gamers easy access to user created mods.

While there have been a fair bit of mods for the game, the Creation Kit will allow for far more expansive mods than what has already been done. I’m just kind of hoping that people can get past making everybody naked. The Skyrim workshop is a new idea, altogether. It’s going to be a way to find mods through ratings, comments; pretty much however you want. And when you find one you want, it’s a simple single click download. No more confusing folder shuffling or ZIP files. It even allows for automatic updating. You won’t have to worry about Bethesda or Steam censoring the mods, either; you can still get them from any website you want. Both the Creation Kit and the Workshop are going to be free to download on Steam, which is good news for all of you that have grand ideas for Skyrim.

The only downside to this, though, is that us console players can’t access these mods. I may just have to buy a copy for the PC, as I’m sure there are going to be some pretty amazing creations. The video below has more details, if you’re interested. And I’m sure most of you are.