Twisted Metal delayed, censored in Europe

Upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal has suffered a delay in Europe, just two weeks from launch its original launch date.

Game creator David Jaffe confirmed the news himself in a NeoGaf post, also revealing that some slight cuts will be made to the European edition of the game.

Though a new date hasn’t been confirmed, Jaffe himself seems to think it may have been shifted to March 1 (though its more likely to be March 2 in the the UK).

As for the censorship, “99 per cent of the cuts were in the movies and the movies are still intact and I sat with the editor – who was the same editor of the American movies – and we went thru and addressed the notes from Europe and made sure the stories still worked,” he wrote.

“And to be fair, there have not been that many cuts. For example, in the scene we’ve released on the net from the intro – where the girl stabs Tooth in the eye – the SCEE version has this but we cut away right before the scissors make contact with Tooth’s face.

“It’s CLEAR what she’s doing and I think we even keep the sound effects in and such – but the last few frames are gone. The story itself tho totally works and – for some folks even who tend to think this kinda stuff plays better left to your imagination anyway – perhaps it even works better.”

According to the dev, one weapon will also be tweaked, changing a screaming patient on an exploding gurney to a dead patient on an exploding gurney. Lovely.

Jaffe isn’t happy with the cuts, but understands why they’ve been made. As far as he’s aware it will also be possible to import the uncut American version of the game.