Atari “Dream Team” bringing the arcade to iOS

Seamus Blackley, the man who assembled the original Xbox team, is bringing together a crack team of Atari pioneers to work on games for “the new arcade,” also known as iOS. He is calling the new company Innovative Leisure, and based on their goals, they will be anything but leisurely.

Innovative Leisure will be pumping out 10 games for THQ; the hard part, however, is the time period. They’re shooting for the games to be published later this year. That’s a tall task for any group; but Innovative Leisure is not just any group. Some of the highlights of the team are: Ed Logg, who worked on Asteroids and Centipede, Rich Adam, a major player in creating Missile Command, and Bob Smith and Rob Zdybel, who both worked on the Atari 2600 console. These people have made some of the most memorable games of all times, so I’m curious to see what they can do in this modern age.

Blackley seems fairly excited about Innovative Leisure’s prospects; “We are looking at the new arcade, and 99 cents on the iPhone is the new quarter. People are playing on all these new devices and are finding the joy of the arcade games.” Hopefully, this translates into profit for THQ, because it seems like they could use a bit of help now.

Blackley and the rest of the crew will be at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas next week, handing out more details on the games themselves. I’m hoping there’s another Pac-Man in the bunch.