Sony, Microsoft squabble over 2011 Australian sales

It looks like the PS3 had a very good year in Australia in 2011.

As a whole Sony’s system account for 25% of units sold and 31% of value at Australian gaming retail. The company stated that a 24% growth in sales meant that the PS3 “outperformed the competition”. The PS3 currently sits at an install base of 1.5 million in the country.

“The uplift on PS3 sales was no small feat, in fact, our percentage year-on-year unit growth was triple that of our nearest competitor,” said SCE Australia boss Michael Ephraim.

But Microsoft had something to say about that.

“It’s clear to see that the momentum in this industry is with Microsoft and the Xbox platform. We won at the telling Christmas period, we are standalone in our growth this year and looking at the past five years our consistency is unprecedented,” Microsoft’s consumer channels group director David McLean said in the Xbox maker’s own 2011 report.

Unlike Sony’s console-specific claims, Microsoft also boasted 5% increase in revenue across software and peripherals as well as hardware.

Who won? Uh, well we really don’t care; a little bit of competition never hurt anybody, did it?