The Last of Us to have online mode, no campaign co-op, more

Scavenging for information on Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us has been like the search for supplies seen in the debut trailer. Yes, we had to beat a man to death and raid his corpse to find out what we know so far. Game Informer has managed to get a whole host of details out of Naughty Dog though, with a minimum of bloodshed. Well done them.

First and foremost, the campaign is single-player only. Players take control of gruff hero Joel while Ellen Page look-a-like Ellie follows after him. Naughty Dog promise however that the game won’t be one long escort mission and that Ellie, while not disappearing from combat, won’t get in the way. Given NPC interaction in the Uncharted series, we’re inclined to believe them for now.

Also of note is that the game will indeed have an online component, though what it consists of right now is unknown. Perhaps a separate co-op campaign much like Uncharted. Worried? Game director Bruce Straley isn’t: “we’re working on a bunch of ideas, but we haven’t nailed anything down. We definitely know it’s going to be awesome.”

Some other nitty gritty bits of info prove interesting, like the fact that players will face off against humans far more than the infected (which weren’t even seen in Game Informer’s demo). Platforming and puzzle solving will also be included in the game, though combat is a huge focus. The game’s enemies will react differently depending on how Joel is armed. With a melee weapon they’re far more likely to take a frontal approach which holding a gun might cause them to run, hide, or even flank you.

Oh, and there will be swearing, lots and lots of swearing.

There’s plenty more info, including story stuff that we don’t want to spoil, over at NeoGAF. The Last of Us is rumored to be releasing at the end of this year, though a 2013 release is also likely.