Vita adds Macs, maps and videos with firmware 1.6

Good news! The PlayStation Vita, yet to be be released in the west, has received an major firmware update in Japan!

Bad news? Well, we need to find out how long it takes to download those firmwares before we get excited about them, ey PSP?

Anyways, the 1.6 update adds three much-requested features to the device, Andriasang reports. Firstly is the inclusion of a map that can display your current location. We’ll be able to search for directions and switch satellite imagery on and off. So like any smartphone, then, which is handy.

Things get a bit more exciting from there, as the update finally includes the Mac support that has been sort after since launch. The Content Management Assistant software that currently only runs on Windows will see a Mac release, meaning Apple fans will be able to use the system much like anyone else from here on out.

And finally comes the addition of videos. Up until this point the Vita’s camera was only capable of taking static photos. No details on video length or anything like that, but we’ll find out when we get our hands on the system in, oh, 16 days now?

That’s still too long.