Xbox 360 tops 2011 console sales charts

The Xbox 360 has been dominating the console sales charts for the past couple of months and has now been branded the best-selling console of 2011. Microsoft’s console beat its main rival Sony by a mere 800,000 units with the Xbox 360 selling 14.9 million to PS3’s 14.1 million. The Wii fell short with 10.33 million units. The Xbox was propelled into the top spot after a successful holiday period, with Microsoft selling 2.5 million units more than Sony over the months of October, November and December.

This was the first time Microsoft had topped the holiday sales charts since 2006 when the PS3 and Wii were just being launched. It was also the first time they had led the annual sales charts ever.

Microsoft’s videogame chief, Don Mattrick, stated last year at E3 that Xbox 360 would become the number 1 console around the world.

However, Nintendo still holds the crown for most units sold overall, with its 95 million Wiis sold compared to Microsoft and Sony’s 66 million and 62 million respectively.