BF3 on PS3 gets voice chat fix

A new PlayStation 3 update for Battlefield 3 has fixed the voice chats issues that players have been experiencing since the shooter’s launch months ago. The patch  is available now and will be applied the next time you launch the game.

If something’s still funky and you have the official Sony Bluetooth headset, there’s a chance it’s set up incorrectly. Here are some steps the official BF blog has outlined:

“If you are using the SLEH-00075 Bluetooth Headset, it must be recognized by your PS3 console by connecting it with a USB cable before play. Once connected, you must also enable the HQ Mode for this headset, which can be found on the XMB in the following location:

->Accessory Settings
->Manage Bluetooth Devices
->Press TRIANGLE on headset
->High Quality Mode

“If you still have issues registering the headset, please go back to Accessory Settings->Manage Bluetooth Devices and delete all registered headsets. Once this is done repeat the above steps.”