Driver dev working on secret Kinect project

LinkedIn, as annoying as it may be with its constant emailing, is becoming a rather viable source for industry news. Especially when you have people like Superannuation scavenging any and every bit of info there is available to loot from profiles within the network.

Latest goodies found just recently point to Driver developer Ubisoft Reflections working on a new Xbox 360 Kinect game. Actually, this scoop was gathered from one employee’s profile alone so saying the entire studio is working on a Kinect project might be a bit too far-fetched. Yet.

According to Eurogamer, art lead Joss Scouler wrote, “after just finishing Driver Wii as lead artist and spending time helping finalise the artwork for Driver: San Francisco, it is onto the next project on 360 Kinect which looks to be very exciting indeed.” In addition, he had listed to be working on “confidential Kinect project – art lead.” Any details were understandably left out; he did write “confidential” for a reason.

Unfortunately, the above is something we couldn’t find when we tried to loot the profile ourselves. This could be because it may have been removed by Scouler himself, or because we don’t have access to it since we don’t have a premium account; we really don’t like all those emails…